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Thanks for stopping by Kiki Kitchen – where we cook, we dish, and we serrrve!! I’m Glenn Payne and I live in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Tune in each week to watch me cook low-carb goodness and dish with all the kooky people in my cook-y life!

Some people are probably thinking – “You’re a skinny bitch Glenn! Why are you serving low-carb realness?”  Well, last year I found out I have Type 2 Diabetes. And while I can still eat carbs and sugar in moderation, I cant indulge in the foods I loved the most.  So I made this show and website to showcase easy low-carb, low-sugar alternatives that taste great and are good for everyone.  I am NOT an authority on your health though so you should speak to someone smarter than me about what’s best for your diet.

I’m just a queen with a kitchen and dream.  Let me show you how I enjoy low-carb deliciousness and always remember to make cooking a kiki!


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