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Ep 10: Chocolate Sexed Strawberries w Jason Hellinger (2g carbs)

Hey Kiki Kids! What’s shakin?!

I hope youre all feeling sexy this week because I sure am! So sexy that I’m fixing up a seductive low-carb treat that’s perfect for the hot and bothered: Chocolate Covered Strawberries! – Or Chocolate SEXED Strawberries as I like to call this treat.

These strawberries are dripping in chocolatey goodness and I even threw some protein into the mix to keep you revved up and going for hours and hours. I topped them off with a creamy stevia glaze. Who knew low-carb, low-sugar could be so sexy?

Speaking of sexy, NYC party promoter Jason Hellinger stopped by the kitchen all sexed up and cruising for a Chocolate Sex Party.  I had to break the news to him that the only chocolate in my kitchen was going on the strawberries.

He found a way to satisfy his sex craving tho and got a creamy facial of sweet no-sugar glaze.  Wow, she really was sexed up!!

And of course he had to put a plug in for his new saturday night S.E.X party at G Lounge NYC. Definitely stop by kids, if youre looking for a sexy time! G is at 225 west 19th street in Chelsea.

Be sure to try these treats on your next trick and see how sexed up he gets. Leave a comment or post a pic cuz I wanna see how your strawberries handle all the sexing up you do to them!

If you want to make these at home its really simple too!

You Will Need:

20 strawberries

3oz of Simply Lite Low-Carb Dark Chocolate

1 Scoop of Zero Carb Chocolate Protein Powder

Heavy Cream

3T Stevia

To Make Chocolate Sexed Strawberries:

1. Boil water in a saucepan filled up half way

2. Set glass bowl in pot to create double boiler

3. Break Chocolate up and melt in bowl with whisk

4. When combined, drizzle in about 3T of heavy cream

5. Add Protein powder and a little more heavy cream and whisk until creamy and combined

6. Remove from stove and dip strawberries in immediately and transfer to a wax paper lined tray

7. Refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for 30 minutes

8. Put 3T stevia in small bowl and whisk in heavy cream until you get a creamy glaze, thick enough to coat but not too watery

9. When strawberries are set drizzle glaze on top decoratively

10. Chill for another 20 minutes and enjoy!


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